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Simran Kaur Arora | 09 Aug, 2023

Data Science Internship



As you all know that in today's scenario, all big companies and firms are growing very fast, and to become more effective and efficient in their business activities, they are continuously opting for new data handling technologies. The primary purpose of opting for new methods of data science is to become more accurate while taking business-related decisions so that there should be no chance of failure in the future. These data handling techniques are quite tricky and complicate to operate. Therefore an employee to have complete knowledge about all those data science techniques. So here, data science internship will play a significant role in teaching new methods of data analysis and different data science techniques. Usually, data science internships provide opportunities to all those employees who want to become experts or who want to gain practical knowledge and experience regarding various data science techniques. In this, they work under expert person, who has proper knowledge regarding different data techniques. These kinds of internships are organized for many graduates, it becomes quite difficult to understand data science when they start their first official job as a data scientist. The internship offers a lot of benefits to the beginners because there, they get to learn under professional data scientists. This helps build confidence among employees.

Data Science Internship Process

To train the new graduates, the mentors try to create real business-related situations, so that it becomes easy for the graduates to handle real-world situations and business affairs. The instructors or mentors gather the information from various sources so that they can build a data set for the employees, on which they can perform different data science techniques. Still, the data set given to the beginners is less complicated than the real-world data sets. The data set is less complicated because it will become quite tricky for the beginner to operate on messy data, where an employee has to opt for various data handling techniques like the Apriori algorithm, and it is not at all possible for the beginner to choose all such methods. This is the main reason for keeping the data set simpler for new graduates. After that, various data science, internship activities are undertaken to bring expertise in the graduates. All the graduates are organized in a professional team, and every day they are given various business-related case studies that are based on real situations. To solve these case studies, they follow the following steps like conducting analyses, producing reports, data visualization, and interpretation of the data.

Step 1: Conducting Analyses

The first step is to conduct analyses of various information about the business firm. This is done because there is huge data from which it is necessary to extract the resourceful information that is useful in making business decisions. The extraction of this data is done with the help of data analysis techniques, and to perform these techniques, the person must have complete knowledge of different data analysis tools. They should know how to operate that tool, and what are its merits and demerits? The mentors give all such instructions to their employees.

Step 2: Producing Reports

After knowing about the techniques regarding how to extract the information from a vast data set, the employees start learning how to prepare the news on the business information. Making reports is not an easy task; it requires technical skills to create reports. The experts teach these techniques. These reports include various kinds of information like profit and loss statements, reasons for the failure of a particular decision, etc.

Step 3: Data Visualization

It is peeping into the future events, that is, what will be the impact of the business decision in the future? For this, they usually make the statistical analysis based on future information. This analysis is only prepared by experts who know how to handle messy next information and techniques to do so.

Step 4: Interpretation of Data

Data interpretation means communicating the data information among the different employees So that they can prepare appropriate courses of action to fulfil the objectives. The best course of action is selected after evaluating various alternative courses of action. Evaluation is not an easy process; in this process also, the person should know about various data science techniques.

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Benefits of Data Science Internship

To be a part of the data science internship, the student must have a data science degree and be a part of a well-renowned institution. Still, at the same time, practical knowledge regarding the educational stream is also essential for the betterment of the business because many companies appoint graduates having practical work experience. Such practical knowledge plays a very important role in the decision-making process. Which, in turn, raises the surplus of the company? Data science internship provides an opportunity for beginners to apply their theory aspects in real-world situations. So it changes the education into relevant knowledge and skills. The graduates learn a lot of experience because of data science internship and some those benefits are given as follows-

Professional and Personal Development

Professional development is one of the most important benefits that an employee learns from his or her mentor or instructor under a data science internship. He becomes capable of handling the real-world situation which is quite complex and messy. These situations cannot be tackled by a normal graduate; it is the work of an expert person. Moreover, the person becomes perfect in the decision-making process because after getting the training he knows how to evaluate the decisions based on its pros and cons. At that time, the person has complete knowledge regarding future events and he becomes capable of peeing into future events.

The company gets most of the benefits because of the professional development, for example, the decisions are free from errors, there is much more accuracy in the future dealings helps the company to work effectively and efficiently and increases the profits of the company. So this is the way how the company gets to benefit from professional development. In addition to that data science internship helps the employees to build self-confidence because of which they can make better judgments regarding business affairs. They learn how to cooperate with other employees which bring better coordination in the business activities. They become clearer in the decision-making process.

They learn how to operate various areas of the business which increases their chance of promotions and they become capable of the higher position. They begin to think more professionally, which reduces the chance of errors. This personal development of employees is directly positively affecting the business status. Moreover, this is the main reason for the personal growth of the employees. When they work for the success of the business, they in return get better pays, status, etc which will lead to the personal development of the employees working under experts for data science internships.

Advanced Technical Skills

When employees work under expert people, they learn how to handle sophisticated areas of operations. To teach them, the mentors create real like work situations, where they are given a chance to handle different kinds of problems that are very difficult to solve without the proper knowledge of technical skills. So the main job of the mentor is to teach technical skills to their trainees so that they will not face any problem in the future. They are given projects which are based on real situations, which are quite technical to check what they have learned. They are given training regarding various data mining techniques, data analysis techniques, and data analysis tools. After learning all such methods, they become capable of performing and solving any kind of technical problem. This reduces the risk of errors in business affairs, and because of this, the chance of failure also reduces.

Hands-on Learning

Theory-based knowledge is not enough for the success of any business. No company will give a job to that person who does not have any practical work experience. Theory knowledge is only useful when it is applied in real-world situations. A person with work experience will be given more preference than the person without practical knowledge. Practical knowledge will solidify the theory knowledge, which in turn solidifies the data science education. Practical knowledge is considered more important than theory education because it improves the technical skill of the person. Moreover, it allows the person to solve a problem on his own without any help, which makes him capable of solving future problems with ease. That is why hand on learning is important if a person is finding a job in the data science department.

Enhance the Portfolio

As it is discussed earlier that the company will hire only those employees who have a practical experience over the no practical ones. This is done because a person who has practical knowledge can deal with technical problems with much ease than the person who does not know data science techniques. So the portfolio of practically equipped persons will be stronger as compared to the person who knows nothing about data science. Even the companies pay more to the person with a strong portfolio. It becomes easier for those people to find a job because, in this dynamic competitive market, every firm is looking for an expert person. So that there firm could handle technical problems easily without any delays. So practical knowledge is more important in enhancing portfolio.

Increases Profits

A trained person will never make mistakes in the decision-making process and will reduce the risk of failure in the future. An expert person can handle any problem related to data science because he is equipped with data analysis techniques and tools. This will increase the profits of the company because if decisions are taken without any delays and errors, it will automatically reduce the chance loss. Moreover, a specialized person has complete knowledge about the competitive market, so they have special data science techniques that they use in analyzing the data and extracting resourceful information from that huge database. All such steps taken by an expert person will increase the profit of the firm.

How to Succeed in Data Science Internship

1. Be bold

To make a data science internship successful, the trainee should be bold enough to discuss his problems or project related matters with his mentor without any hesitation. He should be straight forward in keeping in view in front of his team and mentor. He should have guts for speaking against the views of mentors if he finds something wrong. The employee should never hide any business-related information just because of his fear of his employer. He should always feel comfortable in suggesting business meetings.

2. Better coordination

There should be better coordination between trainees and trainers, which will make the company run effectively and efficiently. They should opt for the quality of leadership and should treat every member of the team with equality. Trainees should listen to their mentors with proper attention, and at the same time, it is the duty of the mentor to listen to suggestions of his trainee with proper attention. The mentor should replace the word 'i' with 'we' to maintain peaceful relations among them. Both should listen to each other with full attention so that there should be no chance of conflict among them. Better coordination will bring a positive impact on the profitability of the company.

3. Request for additional projects

To ensure the success of a data science internship, the trainee should work on different projects so that they can become experts in handling any kind of technical problem. To become perfect in handling business affairs more accurately, the trainees should ask for additional projects so that they can go through many technical problems, which will make their path easier for the future. By solving different case studies, they will gain more experience in handling sophisticated data.

4. Communication with other employees

There should be proper communication among employees so that they can discuss business-related issues very comfortably and with ease. Moreover, they can relax their mind by communicating with their peers and can bring new ideas for solving problems. They can also discuss new methods that they can opt-in working fields. Sometimes it becomes difficult for an employee to discuss the matter with his boss so he can discuss that matter with his peer, and he might get a solution to his problem. They should have trust on each other only then communication will prove effective for the business.

Types of Data Science Internship

1. Data Science Introduction

This type of data science internship mainly includes an introduction to data science. This type is the basic type for the beginners to know about the introduction of data science in the field of business, what are its uses and its importance in the business. It only includes data science overview, business-related decision, and analysis of those decisions. This also tells about the application of data science.

2. Data Analysis

This type includes analyzing the data that will prove useful in the decision-making process. To get useful data, there is a need for an expert person who knows various data handling techniques because it is quite difficult to extract main information from a huge database without the use of data analysis techniques and tools. This is done because the data set is collected from a large number of sources, and all information is not relevant in the decision-making process, so there is a need to take the main information from a huge data set. It includes summary statistics, pandas, Seaborne.

3. Statistical Methods for decision making

Statistical analysis is performed by using past data in the form of dashboards. This type of analysis includes the following steps. First, it includes the collection of a huge database. Analysis and interpretation of the huge database take place, and in the last reliable and resourceful information is presented in front of the company. This type of analysis is categorized into two types of analysis that are

1. Descriptive analysis

In the descriptive analysis, a large database is summarized in a numerical database. It helps the company to calculate the mean, median, and frequency of the mode, which proves to be important in making business decisions.

2. Inferential analysis

In an inferential analysis, we can find different conclusions from the same data by selecting different samples.

This statistical analysis usually uses drawn structures like pie charts, bar graphs, line graphs, probability distribution, Poisson's distribution, normal distribution, byes theorem, etc. And the information drawn from all such graphs is quite useful and provides overall data information to its users and helps them to make a decision that is free from any errors.

4. SQL Programming

SQL programming is quite a technical type of data science internship because it includes various methods like schema design, ER design, queries, analytic function. It is technical because, without the knowledge of the above designs, no one can perform and practice SOL programming.

5. Data Science Using Python Programming

This type of internship method the trainer tries to teach python programming to his trainee. Python programming is also a technical one for beginners because it also uses various types of functions and programs which are quite complex, and those functions are user-defined function, NumPy, conditional statements, loops, syntax, and semantics.

6. Machine learning techniques

As it is earlier stated that practical knowledge is a must in data science internship training. Therefore, a mentor always tries his trainee to work on sophisticated machines so that the person could handle those technical problems with ease. Machine learning includes ensemble techniques, unsupervised learning, and supervised learning classification. This type of internship is one of the most important because here employee gets more exposure to real-world situations.

7. Application of Data Science

This includes the application of the data science techniques that the trainee learned in his data science internship. In this now, he has to use all his technical skills and knowledge in real-world situations. This type of internship also includes data visualization. In this, the company draws graphs regarding unpredictable events. So that appropriate action could be taken on time .in this phrase, the company also thinks about the results of the plans, that is, what will be the likely outcome? So this completely deals with future events

This is performed with the help of data analysis techniques and tools. These techniques make the process less time consuming and effective. This results in the improved performance of the business units. So these techniques play a very important role in the betterment of the business.


At last, it is concluded that data science plays a very prominent role in the well functioning of the business. It brings effectiveness and efficiency in the business decision process and which increases the goodwill and profits of the firm. This happens because when the company is equipped with expert staff, then automatically, the company becomes capable of handling any kind of technical issues and will deal with the dynamic market very easily.

Data science internship also reveals that theoretical knowledge is not enough for the success of the business; it is necessary to appoint that person who has practical knowledge. That person would have experience in various real-world situations because, during his internship, he had solved a lot of business-related case studies. Data science internship training provides a lot of benefits to the company as well as to the trainees because it helps in their promotion. They become eligible for higher jobs, and they get higher pays as compared to other staff, so overall it leads to the personal development of the trainee. Due to all such a benefits data science internship is considered a boon for the firms.

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