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Internet of Things - IoT

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10 Best IoT Certifications To Take for Your Career in 2023

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IoT Certifications

If you want to work in the fast-growing industry of IoT, an IoT certification will help. IoT certifications distinguish you from other applicants, display your motivation, and prove you can develop and troubleshoot IoT devices.

Why Do You Need an IoT Certification?

Internet of Things certifications demonstrate that you understand the principles of IoT, including architecture, management, and security. Many IoT engineers are self-taught or have learned through experience. For many, IoT was a brand-new technology not taught in undergraduate or even master’s level courses, making a certificate a necessary, modern educational route towards understanding IoT.

Even those trained in IoT technology or those who learned about IoT technology in college can benefit from specific IoT certifications, such as the AWS IoT Certification (for Amazon systems) and the IoT Cisco certification (for Cisco systems).

If you’re curious about which IoT certification is best for you, keep reading. We’ll cover a list of IoT certifications for beginners, intermediate, and advanced learners to help you narrow down your options.

Best IoT Certifications for Beginners

Consider these IoT certifications if you’re a beginner. These certifications aren’t necessarily less rigorous, but they offer foundational learning about IoT – perfect for someone who doesn’t yet have a background in the subject.

1. UCI’s Introduction to Programming the IoT Specialization

UCI’s Introduction to Programming the IoT Specialization

A beginner’s course on programming for the Internet of Things (IoT), provided by the UCI Division of Continuing Education.

Cost: $49/month (Coursera Subscription)

Free with a Coursera subscription, UCI’s Introduction to Programming the Internet of Things Specialization includes a shareable internet of things certificate upon course completion. This course is ideal for beginners who want to learn more about creating an IoT device. Over six courses, students will learn how to create an IoT device from start to finish.

  • Learn the Raspberry Pi system
  • Practice with the Arduino environment
  • Design, build, and test microcontrollers
  • Produce a unique, final project

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2. CCC’s Internet of Things Foundation

CCC’s Internet of Things Foundation

A business-oriented introduction to the IoT focused on empowering business professionals to identify the opportunities IoT technology may present.

Cost: $349

Provided through the Cloud Credential Council, this Internet of Things Foundation Certificate course provides business professionals with the knowledge necessary to intelligently discuss and engage with the IoT.

  • An understanding of basic IoT concepts
  • IoT terminology and components
  • The business perspective of IoT
  • Self-study program with online materials

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3. CertNexus’s Certified IoT Practitioner

CertNexus’s Certified IoT Practitioner

Network admins, software developers, and other technology professionals can learn more about IoT by preparing for this CertNexus certification.

Cost: $350

CertNexus offers an excellent IoT certification for software developers, network admins, and other technology professionals. The exam goes over general IoT concepts, technologies, and tools, and requires a 60-61% score for you to pass. Learners can download online course materials and lesson plans before taking the 100 question exam.

  • IoT technologies, tools, and methods
  • The Internet of Things for tech professionals
  • Business applications of the IoT
  • Designing, implementing, and operating IoT devices
  • Securing and monitoring an IoT ecosystem

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4. Arcitura’s IoT Certification: IoT Architect

Arcitura’s IoT Certification: IoT Architect

A complete Pearson VUE proctored online test proving the skills of a Certified IoT Practitioner, with optional paid coursework.

Cost: $269.10

If you’ve never touched IoT before, you can invest in Architura’s three-module learning series. Otherwise, you can simply pay for a voucher for the test. Arcitura’s test is a 110-minute exam, covering everything it means to be an IoT architect, including deploying and troubleshooting IoT systems.

  • The fundamentals of IoT technology
  • IoT architecture with interactive labs
  • Creating, troubleshooting, and monitoring IoT devices
  • Securing IoT devices and real-world applications

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Complete Guide to Build IOT Things from Scratch to Market

Best IoT Certifications for Intermediate Developers

These certifications are suitable for someone with some knowledge of programming and the Internet of Things. These certifications are perfect for those looking to move beyond entry-level positions.

5. hIOTron’s End-to-End IoT Certification Course

hIOTron’s End-to-End IoT Certification Course

A comprehensive, high-level IoT course primarily for those throughout India, the UK, Singapore, and UAE.

Cost: $445

hIOTron provides a complete IoT curriculum:

  • Basic IoT Training
  • Advanced IoT Training
  • End-to-End IoT Training.

Once you complete End-to-End IoT training, you’ll receive an IoT certificate. Classrooms are available in Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore, with online batches available in India, the UK, Singapore, and UAE.

  • Build end-to-end IoT systems
  • Connect multiple sensor nodes
  • Create a gateway client
  • Develop a front-end platform
  • Explore five industrial use case studies

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6. ISACA’s IoT Fundamentals Certificate

ISACA’s IoT Fundamentals Certificate

An online certification exam covering both IoT concepts (47%) and IoT fundamentals (53%), over the course of two hours.

Cost: $120 (Member) / $144 (Non-Member)

Test your knowledge of IoT concepts and IoT fundamentals through ISACA’s IoT Fundamentals Certification. Before taking the test, you can take the IoT Fundamentals Online Course, a self-guided module including interactive, performance-based training. The course covers the components of the IoT network, building an IoT network, and securing an IoT network.

  • A two-hour certification test
  • Multiple choice and performance-based questions
  • A virtual laboratory environment
  • Online course and study guide available

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7. Global Tech Council’s Certified Internet of Things Expert

Global Tech Council’s Certified Internet of Things Expert

An IoT expert certification designed to take individuals from beginner to advanced. Crafted by experts, this is a comprehensive course and certification path.

Cost: $149

Whether you’re an entry-level IoT analyst or a seasoned IoT developer, you can get certified through Global Tech Council’s IoT Expert Certification path. This is a self-paced, eight-hour online course that culminates in a certificate of completion. Lessons include the fundamentals of IoT, architecture and design, protocols, and cloud technology.

  • A complete overview of IoT basics
  • Arduino and Raspberry Pi technology
  • Use cases and business direction of IoT
  • Cloud and smart grid technologies
  • Architecture, design, and protocols

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Best IoT Certifications for Advanced Developers

Are you already an IoT expert? These advanced IoT certifications assume that you’ve worked with IoT devices before but want to brush up on or improve your skills.

8. Microsoft’s Azure IoT Developer Specialty

Microsoft’s Azure IoT Developer Specialty

Advanced certification for Microsoft Azure IoT developers, ideal for those who work in a Microsoft ecosystem.

Cost: $165

Microsoft’s Azure IoT Developer specialty is perfect for developers who want to create IoT devices within the Azure platform. Through this course, developers will learn how to build, provision, manage and troubleshoot IoT devices through Azure’s ecosystem. As a Microsoft certificate, this course provides one of the clearest pathways to proven skills. Preparatory lessons are available online for free. A passing score of 700 is required on the exam.

  • Architect an IoT infrastructure
  • Provision and management of devices
  • Implement IoT Edge
  • Monitor and troubleshoot IoT devices
  • Secure and manage data on IoT devices

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9. IoT Inc’s ICIP Program

IoT Inc’s ICIP Program

A certified program for busy professionals, the ICIP program provides developers with everything they need to know to build IoT devices.

Cost: $1,199

A rigorous course provided entirely online, the ICIP Program brings together technology, business, strategy, and digital transformation, to help professionals better embrace the potential behind IoT. Through this course, professionals will learn more about how IoT works and how to apply it to their organization.

  • Rapid IoT deployment
  • Business technology and strategy
  • Digital transformation through IoT
  • 45 modules, 163 lessons, and 28 quizzes
  • One final exam

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10. Stanford’s Internet of Things Graduate Program

Stanford’s Internet of Things Graduate Program

A complete graduate certificate program provided by the Stanford School of Engineering through Stanford’s online system.

Cost: $1,352 per unit

If you want to know the ins and outs of the IoT, the Internet of Things Graduate program at Stanford can help. This IoT program will teach you everything you need to know about the IoT, IoT data, and IoT processing and analysis. This program includes 4 courses, and students must receive a B or better in each class to receive their graduate certificate.

  • The technology of IoT devices
  • Circuit design and performance
  • Signal and data processing
  • Web applications and IoT security
  • Biochips, biosensors, and implantable systems

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Best Certifications for IoT in 2023

A CompTIA, Microsoft, or Cisco certification will take you far in terms of network connections. But what are the “flagship” certifications for IoT?

Because IoT is still an emerging and new discipline, there’s no universal answer regarding the “best IoT certification.” It never hurts to get additional certifications — but sticking to the most recognizable names can help. For enhanced credibility, consider taking an AWS or Microsoft certification.


Is IoT certification useful? Absolutely. Simply having an IoT certification can help you advance your career. It’s a competitive and new field and many are vying to prove their talents.

If you’re still learning about IoT, a beginner certification can help you test your skills. But even if you’re an advanced IoT developer, certifications can help you prove your talents to prospective employers. Start learning more about IoT applications today.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an IoT certification?

IoT certification is a process through which individuals can prove that they understand IoT technology. Frequently provided by leaders in the IoT space (such as AWS, Microsoft, and Stanford), IoT certifications may be gained through courses, exams, or a combination of both.

2. Is an IoT certification useful?

Absolutely. IoT is an emerging discipline. Those who graduated anywhere from five to ten years ago may not have studied it in school. Few people have been exposed to IoT in their working life. Consequently, IoT certification is frequently seen as a necessity to prove knowledge within the field.

3. Which certification is best for IoT?

It depends on your goals. In terms of recognizability and general-purpose certifications, both AWS’s AWS IoT: Developing and Deploying an Internet of Things and Microsoft’s Azure IoT Developer Specialty certifications will take any IoT career far. If you want to participate in groundbreaking, best-in-class technologies, Stanford’s Internet of Things Graduate Program is likely the best option — but if you just want to get your foot in the door, consider starting with UCI’s Introduction to Programming the IoT Specialization.

4. How can I get an IoT certificate?

The IoT isn’t governed by any single organization, so there are many companies offering IoT certification. Some are more reputable than others. Consider getting an IoT certificate through Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure — both will provide employers with the assurance that you know what you’re doing within the IoT sphere.

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