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UI Designer Roadmap

You will learn how to get started in the world of designing beautiful apps and websites people love to visit.

  • Interest in art and design in general is always helpful
  • Understanding of the digital world - Apps and websites

What you'll learn

  • Design fundamentals- Color theory, Typography, Grids

  • Wireframing and sketching

  • Design tools (Sketch, Adobe Xd)

  • UI Design Basics


This roadmap aims to give a good starting point if you are willing to be a digital design also referred to as a UI Designer. UI Designers are tasked with designing beautiful and functional interfaces that will help users do certain tasks while providing them a smooth and delightful experience. We will cover topics from design basics to wireframing and creating fully functional interfaces.

Design Fundamentals


Design Tools

UI Design Basics

Additional Design Resources

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Prem Kumar
Prem Kumar 10 points
3 years ago

I've heard Figma design tool is good too, do consider adding it! Thanks for the roadmap! :)

Jonas Meyer
Jonas Meyer 10 points
3 years ago

I'm glad you mentioned the impact on user emotions - which is largely overlooked by many developer-led projects that do well technically but completely miss the opportunity to make the user feel good - something that can pay huge dividends in the form of loyalty, engagement and follow-up recommendations. mailchimp figured it out! Check https://axisbits.com/blog/The-Roadmap-for-Good-UI-Design

Marwa 1213
Marwa 1213 10 points
4 years ago

اشعر ان هذا الموقع رائع