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iOS Developer Roadmap

You will learn how to design, develop, and deploy iOS apps.

A sense of good UI/UX and prior experience in object oriented programming is recommended.

What you'll learn

  • Swift programming language
  • How to design and develop an iOS app
  • Cross platform development
  • Version control
  • How to deploy an iOS app


Mobile is the future (maybe even the present). If you want to capture this market, or simply benefit from all the job openings sprouting up from this boom, becoming an iOS developer is a great way to do just that.
Even though Android has a larger share of the market, Apple has built a reputation for itself with premium devices and tons of high quality apps.


Cross Platform

Version Control

Deploying on App Store

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Ella Smith
Ella Smith 14 points
3 years ago

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Akın özçift
Akın özçift 12 points
4 years ago

yes a very helpful road map for my students