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Data Science Roadmap

You will learn how to extract, manage, reorganize, and transform data in order to gain meaningful insights and identify correlations.

Prerequisites: High school level mathematics.

What you'll learn

  • Intro to programming using Python
  • Essential Mathematics: Linear algebra, statistics, and probability
  • Machine Learning
  • Data analysis and visualisation using Python
  • Computer Vision and NLP


Data in all forms is one of the most important resources in the modern world. All tech giants such as Google, Facebook, and Netflix rely heavily on data provided by their users free of cost to enhance their product. It’s crucial for any medium to large size organization to figure out patterns and behaviours of usage to derive business insights and take meaningful decisions. It’s a fairly complex and challenging task which demands expertise in multiple domains. In return, it offers well respected jobs with generous compensation which makes Data Science a very lucrative career.


Essential Mathematics

Machine Learning

Data Analysis and Visualization

Computer Vision and NLP

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Game over
Game over 10 points
3 years ago

i love these roadmaps. these should have more views..

Yuri Martins
Yuri Martins 12 points
4 years ago

I guess that's what I was looking for, a roadmap to follow to learn things in order.

Llewellyn Emmanuel
Llewellyn Emmanuel 12 points
4 years ago

looks interesting