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Backend Developer Roadmap

You will learn how to create and maintain the backend of an application in Python's Django framework

This roadmap is for complete beginners. It has no prerequisites.

What you'll learn

  • Computer Science And Programming concepts

  • Python Programming language

  • Django Web Framework

  • Version control using Git

  • Postgres database engine

  • How to build a blog application in Django


Backend developers are in demand today because almost every website and mobile app requires a backend API to function. As a backend developer, it will be your responsibility to create database connections and schemas, write and maintain backend code, integrate your code with the front end, and so on (depending on your role and workplace).
This roadmap will guide you through some of the crucial technologies you need to learn in order to become a backend developer. 
This roadmap focuses on Django, a popular Python framework used by Mozilla Firefox, Pinterest, NASA, and many more. Keep in mind that there are various other technology stacks you can choose from.

Intro to Computer Science with Python

Python Language

Django Framework

PostgreSQL Database Engine

Git Version Control

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Ana Beatriz
Ana Beatriz 10 points
3 years ago

@abhi18022 you can go to YouTube too

Ashok Singh
Ashok Singh 10 points
4 years ago


Devid Singh
Devid Singh 0 points
4 years ago

Nice Detail

Abhi18022 176 points
4 years ago

Add Video tutorials peoples prefer it more. Add Python essential.

Ana Beatriz
Ana Beatriz 10 Points

@abhi18022 you can go to YouTube too

Abhishek Chakravarty
Abhishek Chakravarty 26 points
5 years ago

Nice roadmap. Very helpful for beginners.