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Adam Mcclure
Adam Mcclure 16 points
3 years ago

Link does not work... has this tutorial been updated?

Luke Martinez
Luke Martinez 10 Points

You're right

James Biddulph
James Biddulph 10 points
2 years ago

Link does not work, makes you wonder about the so called paid tutorials, is this a rip off or just a very unprofessional site, either way I am avoiding it like the plague.

Luke Martinez
Luke Martinez 10 points
3 years ago

Wait, the link doesn't work? Why does it have so many upvotes then?

Treborg 10 Points

the link should be

Swapnil Banga
Swapnil Banga 2764 points
3 years ago

@adam-mcclure @luke-martinez it should work now.

Bob Jime
Bob Jime 10 points
4 years ago


Ankitdabas 10 points
4 years ago

how to learn lua langauage

Saad Zakari
Saad Zakari 10 points
4 years ago

how to download it

Saurabh Hooda
Saurabh Hooda 149690 Points

@saad-zakari There is no option to download it. Though, you can take it for free online.