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Full Stack Developer Roadmap

You will learn how to handle both the client and server side of an application and deliver end to end products.

Familiarity with JS, HTML and CSS is preferred, but not required.

What you'll learn

  • HTML and CSS
  • Modern JavaScript
  • Webpack and React
  • Server side development with Node.js (Express) MongoDB
  • Version control using Git Deploying on AWS


Full stack development is on the rise because it eliminates the need of hiring and managing teams that involve a front end developer, a backend developer, and operations. It is especially popular among small scale companies that want to prototype and test a product without committing a lot of resources to it. Fullstack developers are also sought after in lead roles where knowledge of how the whole product fits together and operates is crucial.

It is no doubt a role that involves a lot of responsibilities. The required skills and expertise can only be amassed over time. However, we believe that this roadmap will help you get started on your journey and motivate you to explore new areas.


Modern JavaScript

Webpack and React

Node.js and Express


Version Control


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Sales Marketing
Sales Marketing 12 points
3 years ago

in addition to this topic you should read this article. https://os-system.com/blog/12-types-of-node-js-applications-with-examples/

Supratik Sarkar
Supratik Sarkar 10 points
4 years ago

Sir what will be the impact if I use java for backend development?

Aryabhatta 12 points
4 years ago

Awesome :)