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5 Java Developer Skills In High Demand In 2022

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Java is one of the most popular programming languages, and companies big and small use it in their tech stacks thanks to its speed and reliability. Check Uber, Netflix, Spotify, Google, and Amazon – each of these household names uses Java.

As a result, Java developers are in high demand. A recent report from HR firm Mercer|Mettl indicates that Java developers, followed by JavaScript and SQL developers, are the most in-demand roles in 2022, thanks to the huge adoption of these languages across numerous organizations.

It is now one of the top five preferred languages for software developers for many reasons, one of which is its platform independence and versatility. Java is used for a host of applications across industries, from Android apps to robotics, cloud computing, and computer games like Minecraft.

So if you’ve got Java skills, you’re in a great position to elevate your career. There are thousands of open roles for developers with Java skills right now, but which are the ones that will get you to the top of the recruiter’s “must interview” pile?

Top 5 Java Skills 2022

  1. Spring Framework (and Spring Boot): An essential for a Java programmer, Spring Framework provides dependency injection (among other features), which makes writing testable code easier. Spring Boot is newer and increasingly important.
  2. REST API: There are few web applications that don't expose API or make use of REST API, so this is great to have.
  3. Microservices: It is easier to code, develop, and maintain as Microservices split an application into a set of smaller pieces.
  4. Hibernate: Mitigates the pain of JDBC interacting with Relational databases and allows you to focus on building application logic using Objects.
  5. Cloud Computing: Adoption of major cloud platforms like AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure means the next generation of Java applications will be built for clouds.

If you’re ready to put your skills to the test in the job market now we have three roles for Java Developers below, as well as plenty more to explore on the Job Board.


Java Developer Skills In High Demand

Java Developer, TCS Tech

The Role: As a Java Developer, you’ll participate in the implementation and integration of new systems and act as the liaison between QA and the development team for faster and more effective issue resolution. You’ll also be involved in the development of specifications, coding of new programs, the physical design of data records, data files, and databases, creating new data structures and new job streams, and you’ll modify existing programs and data structures.

The Requirements: A Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or a related field is preferred and you’ll need more than two years of relevant work experience with object-oriented programming languages. You’ll need to be proficient with Java, Json, Maven, XML, CICD, and SQL and have exposure to Spring Framework. Familiarity with Cloud environments such as AWS and GCP would be good.

Apply: More information on the Java Developer role is available.

Software Engineer (SWE) Skill Level 3, BAE Systems

The Role: The Software Engineer will (among other tasks) undertake Java development using the Eclipse IDE (Integrated Development Environment) as well as Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE). You’ll be involved in applications design, development, testing, deployment, documentation and maintenance, and will enhance complex and diverse software systems based upon documented requirements. 

The Requirements: Experience developing with multiple programming languages such as C, C++, Python, and/or Java in a Linux environment and a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related discipline, plus seven years of experience.

Apply: Discover more about the Software Engineer role here.

Software Engineer I, Indeed

The Role: Indeed is looking for a Software Engineer with experience with reliable, maintainable, and testable API/microservices development in Java (or other popular languages), to design systems that bring together Indeed’s Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support organizations to better serve job seekers and employers.

The Requirements: You will have already spent a couple of years in the industry and are excited to take up your next challenge. You can build reliable, maintainable, and testable software systems with the right level of test and deployment automation that solve user problems, and you are a strong team player and collaborator.

Apply: More information on the Software Engineer role is available.

Put your Java skills to the test and check out thousands of open roles on the Job Board

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