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The Beginner's Guide to ReactJS (egghead.io)

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I recommend egghead, good courses...

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Rajat Patel
Rajat Patel 360 Points
1 year ago

This is the best free course hands down on React of all the one's here. From the awesome people at egghead. :) P.S. Make sure you have your laptop in hand before starting the course and are coding each and everything along with the course. Have fun guys!

Oliver Sim
Oliver Sim 10 Points
1 year ago

@rajat-patel-2517 Wohoo thanks brudder.. will start and try it out to see whats up

Chirag Visavadiya
Chirag Visavadiya 12 Points
2 months ago

Video quality and contents are awesome. I enjoyed it. Only issue was the speed of the tutorial. The speed was too fast some time I have to pause the video to understand the context and the logic. All in all, it covered many aspects of React.

Thomas Sweeney
Thomas Sweeney 12 Points
11 months ago

This is an excellent course. Clear, concise and the tutor actually has a good understanding of pedagogical principles. Oh, and it's free to boot!

Sparx Techn
Sparx Techn 10 Points
1 month ago

thanks for sharing. i really enjoyed to learn this and will pass it to my team.