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Javascript Intermediate Level 2 - All About Functions (udemy.com)

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Self Paced
2.5 hours on-demand video
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Tutorial Details

What you'll learn

  • At the end of this course students will able to MASTER JavaScript Functions
  • At the end of this course students will able to write more complex JavaScript code
  • At the end of this course students will able create more flexible JavaScript applications


  • Basic JavaScript knowledge



Functions are one of the most used features of any programming language especially in JavaScript. There many different ways to create functions in JavaScript and is "Crucial" to learn then if you are serious about JavaScript.

Every developer must master functions in order to write better reusable code. Functions in JavaScript can be weird at times, but this course will make things easier for you to understand. 

This course will take you by the hand, step-by-step from the very basics of functions to an intermediate level where you will feel comfortable using functions in many different ways.

By learning to invoke and use function in many different ways, you open the doors of creativity. Things that were hard to do are now easy and things that were Impossible are now possible

After developing and teaching for a couple years I know from experience what students really need, and my focus is in developing courses that enhances the student's knowledge and make him or her a better developer but at the same time with some fun involved.

Come join us, and let's learn to Master Javascript Functions.

Who is the target audience?
  • Students looking to upgrade their beginner JavaScript skills should take this course
  • Students looking to learn more about functions in JavaScript should take this course
  • Students looking to create really cool JavaScript applications should take this course


The first steps


Reference files

The editor we are using

Let's start learning

Function basics

Function literal

JavaScript Objects

Object Constructor part 1

Object Constructor part 2


Call and Apply Methods

The arguments object

Anonymous closure function

The return statement

Variable scope and hoisting

Local and Global scope

The scope chain


Section Quiz


Modules intro

Creating Modules

Seting deafults

Method chaning


Project introduction

Setting up markup

Images object setup

Creating the insert images method part 1

Creating the insert images method part 2

Creating the insert images method part 3

Conclusion and BONUS!

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