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Introduction to JavaScript (learn.freecodecamp.org)

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Akash Kumar
760 Points

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Sonali Biswal
Sonali Biswal 12 Points
8 months ago

I hope it will help me

Swapnil Banga
Swapnil Banga 844 Points
8 months ago

@sonali-biswal feel free to share your experience here post completion.

Vytautas Pilkauskas
7 months ago

This place will teach you just enough to have a good beginner understanding of the language from zero and set you off for a really good start in exploring deeper JS concepts.

Anup Arakali
Anup Arakali 12 Points
7 months ago

This is a perfect for learning a JavaScript

Rohan Verma
Rohan Verma 10 Points
2 months ago

Freecodecamp is actually the best website to start off with web development. Their exercises are great way to learn. They even give you a certificate after you complete the project. And it's completely free. You can donate to help them produce great content.

Keigo Mizuno
Keigo Mizuno 10 Points
3 months ago

can you tell me how to code in chrome book