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Data Analysis and Visualization Using R (

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Camilo Cruz
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Kshitiz Sirohi
Kshitiz Sirohi 10 points
4 years ago

Great course. Thanks a lot

Camilo Cruz
Camilo Cruz 92 points
5 years ago

Data Analysis and Visualization Using R
This is a course that combines video, HTML and interactive elements to teach the statistical programming language R.

Lesson 1: Variables and Data Structures
1.1 Fundamentals
1.2 Variables
1.3 Vectors
1.4 Matrices
1.5 Lists and Data Frames
1.6 Logical Vectors and Operators

Lesson 2: Visualizing Data Using ggplot2
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Scatter Plots
2.3 Faceting and Additional Options
2.4 Histograms and Density Plots
2.5 Boxplots and Violin Plots
2.6 Input- Getting Data into the Right Format
2.7 Output- Saving Your Plots

Lesson 3: Statistical Testing and Prediction
3.1 Comparing Two Samples
3.2 Correlation
3.3 Linear Regression
3.4 Multiple Linear Regression

Lesson 4: Exploratory Data Analysis with data.table
4.1 R Scripts
4.2 Reading Data
4.3 Introduction to data.table
4.4 Summarizing Data Within Groups
4.5 Merging Data
4.6 Exploratory Data Analysis