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A Guide To VB.NET Programming (udemy.com)

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Self Paced
7 hours on-demand video
Available On Completion
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Tutorial Details

What you'll learn

  • Learn How To Program In VB.NET
  • A Beginners Guide To Visual Basic.NET


  • No Prior Programming Experience Required



This Visual Basic .NET ( VB.NET ) training course from InfiniteSkills.com will teach you how to program from scratch with Visual Basic.

You will start by learning how to install and use the Visual Studio development environment. The course will then teach you how to build classes that define properties, methods, and events in VB.NET, as well as understand and use overloaded methods and operators and perform calculations. This video tutorial will also cover topics including debugging programs, working with data types, branching and looping statements, and use subroutines, functions, and object-oriented techniques. You will learn how to use LINQ to select, modify, and sort information, as well as easily read and write data in files. Finally, you will learn about printing and print previews.

Once you have completed this VB.NET training course, you will be fully capable of programming with Visual Basic.NET. Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons.

Who is the target audience?
  • Programmers and Developers



Important - Download These First - Working Files

0101 Introduction And Course Overview

0103 Installing Visual Studio

0104 How To Access Your Working Files

Using The IDE

0201 Creating And Running A New Project

0202 Copying And Compressing Projects

0203 IDE Tour

Building User Interfaces

0301 Creating Controls

0302 Setting Properties At Design Time

0303 Common Properties

0304 Naming Controls

0305 Anchoring Controls

Common Controls

0401 Label And Textbox

0402 Button

0403 Check Box And Radio Button

0404 Combo Box, Listbox, And Checked Listbox

0405 Menus

Container Controls

0501 Group Box, Panel, And Flow Layout Panel

0502 Tab Control And Split Container

0503 Table Layout Panel

Events Handling

0601 Button and Menu Events

0602 Paint Events

0603 Scroll Bars


0701 Message Box

0702 Open File Dialog And Save File Dialog

0703 Color Dialog And Font Dialog

0704 Folder Browser Dialog

Working With Forms

0801 Creating And Displaying New Forms

0802 Re-Using Forms

0803 Building Custom Dialogs

Using Variables

0901 Declaring Variables And Performing Calculations

0902 Using Constants

0903 Understanding Scope

0904 Arithmetic Operators

0905 Enumerated Types


1001 Stepping Through Code

1002 Using Watch Windows

1003 Using Advanced Breakpoints

1004 Handling Exceptions

1005 Detecting Errors

Working With Data Types

1101 Strings

1102 String Methods

1103 Dates, Times, And Timespans

1104 Creating Arrays

1105 Creating Collections

1106 Initializing Arrays And Collections

Branching Statements

1201 If Statements

1202 Select Case Statements

Looping Statements

1301 For Loops

1302 For Each Loops

1303 While Loops

1304 Do Loops

Making Methods

1401 Subroutines, Functions, And Methods

1402 ByVal And ByRef

1403 Passing Arrays

1404 Optional Parameters

1405 Parameter Arrays


1501 Introduction To Classes

1502 Creating Properties

1503 Creating Events

1504 Event Parameters

1505 Inheritance And Polymorphism

1506 Shadowing And Overriding

1507 Overriding ToString

1508 Overloading Methods

1509 Constructors

1510 Shared Members

1511 Overloading Operators

1512 Building Generic Classes

1513 Building Generic Methods

1514 Extension Methods

1515 Implementing Interfaces

1516 Creating Interfaces

LINQ To Objects

1601 Understanding LINQ

1602 Lambda Expressions And Order By

1603 Group By

Working With Files And Directories

1701 Files - The Easy Way

1702 File Dates And Times

1703 Working With Directories

1704 The My Namespace


1801 Printing

1802 Printing A Report

1803 Aligning Printed Text

1804 Measuring Text


1901 Wrap-Up

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