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The Complete React Native and Redux Course (

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Top Three Medal #3 из общего количества 27 React Native Учебники и курсы 16.4k+ Просмотры


Facundo Bazzana
270 точки


Stephen Grider
1090 точки

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Weslley Rocha
Weslley Rocha 136 точки
5 лет назад

@saurabh-hooda @weslley-rocha In this course i learn navigation, redux and authentication with firebase. We learn by mading 3 apps. The teacher is very clear and explanatory. I'm sure I've learned a lot from scratch

Weslley Rocha
Weslley Rocha 136 точки
5 лет назад

Finished it, and its very helpfull

Saurabh Hooda
Saurabh Hooda 149690 Points

@weslley-rocha Kudos! Would you be able to share a bit more detailed review of the course please?

Gustavo Maximo
Gustavo Maximo 10 точки
3 года назад

Outdated as of January 1st of 2019. Don't waste your time.

Gustavo Maximo
Gustavo Maximo 10 Points

@rene-israel I overreacted. I don't remember why exactly but I was at like 30% in on the course and got stuck because of an error which I couldn't find the answer for in stack-overflow or anywhere else, plus I was too lazy to actually study the react-native documentation from head to toe so I ended up refunding and getting another more recent course. Also most of the questions I remember being asked in the videos weren't answered and mine wasn't as well, that put me off a little bit too. In a newer course from another dude I'm studying from he answers all of the students questions and helps them out in comment section of the videos, that's a definite plus.

Anna Poleva
Anna Poleva 10 Points

@gustavo-maximo what better course are you talking about?