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Python for Everybody Specialization (

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#4 из общего количества 280 Python Учебники и курсы 14.5k+ Просмотры


Rohit Duggal
16610 точки


Charles Severance
140 точки

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Yasine Amine
Yasine Amine 42 точки
4 года назад

not free

Abhipsa %^%&- Matura ^*(^)*&)&)&)
2 года назад

is it free 

Mable Dong
Mable Dong 94 точки
2 года назад

It's free as long as you select that you're auditing the class. You don't receive a certificate for completing the course when you do this, but you can access the courses for free!

Filipe Bezerra
Filipe Bezerra 0 Points

@mable-dong and you can always request a financial aid

Alve Ahamed
Alve Ahamed 14 точки
3 года назад


Aigerim 10 точки
1 год назад

Professor is amazing. I understood basics very well and recommend it for everyone.

Neville van
Neville van 10 точки
1 год назад

I came across this course a couple of days ago. They allow you to sign up free for the first 7 days (or whatever). I decided to give it a try and trash it if it no good. I have a whole lot of top rated Udemy courses and books but I consider this one the best by far. Charles Severance presenting the course does extremely well at explaining concepts, not all of which are conveyed very well in other courses. Please do not misunderstand what I am saying. I am not saying that other courses are not good or that the educator lacks knowledge or skill. That is not the point that I am trying to make. What I am saying is. Charles Severance's teaching method and explanations are structured and conveyed extremely well. Its as clear to the point without unnecessary confusing deviation. The Corsera course interface also makes it very easy to bookmark and create notes. As far as I am concerned, this is as good as it gets and the monthly fee is well worth it.

Sakır El
Sakır El 10 точки
2 года назад


Waqar Afridi
Waqar Afridi 10 точки
2 года назад

I beginner

Harsh Mangalam
Harsh Mangalam 10 точки
2 года назад

well tutorial

Amine Samad
Amine Samad 10 точки
2 года назад