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Go by Example (

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Brandon Buck
1480 точки

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Luc Reid
Luc Reid 28 точки
5 лет назад

I've only gone through the first 4 or 5 sections, but so far this tutorial is extremely well presented, clear, and instructive. Installing Go in order to try the examples, by the way, took less than 5 minutes.

I wouldn't recommend this tutorial for people who are new to programming. It assumes you're familiar with a lot of basic programming concepts. It's excellent if you're already handy with at least one other programming language.

Frederico Marques
Frederico Marques 16 точки
5 лет назад

Great tutorial to get started with golang!

Kaggo Jacob
Kaggo Jacob 10 точки
5 лет назад

want to know how to run the first turtorials

Madhav Chaturvedi
Madhav Chaturvedi 14 Points

@kaggo-jacob hey there. Just run this command 'go run hello-world.go' where hello-world.go is your filename.

Test Account
Test Account 10 точки
5 лет назад


I'm not a hardcore coder. And I hate Java, so just wanted to learn a similar language so I chose to go with "GOlang"

Kasra Rasi
Kasra Rasi 10 Points

go its great and ez to learn :)