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Pawan Kumar
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David Tsai
David Tsai 22 точки
3 года назад

I liked the format, the short easy to follow along tutorials. But then the first coding assignment is a beast, a huge jump to go through from what they show. Very frustrating. I wish they had smaller projects to build comfort level. They have small check points, which are good. However, when they jump to "ok, now your turn", they have critical pieces that aren't described earlier, that you have to either know already or research online to solve. Instead of small programs to then jump to a big one, they just throw you a big one. Sink or swim. Very frustrating. Zooming along then...Boom!...ugh.

Shubham Tandan
Shubham Tandan 24 точки
4 года назад

Do this course completely,you'll know a lot and can be able to solve problem easily.

Tadejdanev 16 точки
3 года назад

this is from COLT STEEL?

Arham Siddiqui
Arham Siddiqui 10 Points

@tadejdanev yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Sandeep Sharma
Sandeep Sharma 14 точки
11 месяцев назад

good one

Aakash Nigam
Aakash Nigam 10 точки
6 дней назад

Very good explanation.. Really appreciate the efforts!!!

other people interested to learn more about data science can go to-

Jaymai Houston
Jaymai Houston 10 точки
5 месяцев назад

this seems like the right place

Shankar Kasani
Shankar Kasani 18 точки
5 месяцев назад

I want to learn a lot but I'm a beginner

Mostafa 12 точки
3 года назад

was going to take it then skipped it as it teaches python 2 not 3

looking for another high quality python 3 course

Dávid Kovács
Dávid Kovács 10 Points

@mostafa Yeah, that was my problem too.

Saurabh Hooda
Saurabh Hooda 107365 Points

@dávid-kovács @mostafa Educator mentioned that course is for Python 3 and all the code and videos have been updated to Python 3 now. Check out the free-to-watch 3rd video ("Python 2 versus Python 3") in Course Preview.

M Sudheer Reddy
M Sudheer Reddy 12 точки
1 год назад

Guys See one more courses with real time projects -

Yedukondalu 20 точки
1 год назад

Complete Python Bootcamp2020