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Buckys C++ Programming Tutorials (

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Mike Repec
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Charles Banas
Charles Banas 86 точки
7 лет назад

These tutorials do not teach an understanding of C++, only rote syntax, and poorly at that.

I tell people to avoid these videos. There are better resources.

Swarnim Arun
Swarnim Arun 18 Points

@charles-banas extremely true understanding programming in well fake, people think if they can write Hello World in 10 different languages they are awesome and that is the reason why such an awful tutorial is so popular.

Tej Ved
Tej Ved 10 Points

@charles-banas Could you please share those resources for c++ beginners

Raoof White
Raoof White 14 точки
5 лет назад

if you just imagine that you live in a small city where no one ones what c++ is and there is nobody or nowhere to learn it this becomes a good tutorial and your english doesn't have to be that good to use this becuase it shows everything but if you try to read tutorials from the best tutorial sites your English have to be good at least to understand half of what they have Written there. i don't say this is perfect but this is not as bad as you say it is and an other thing is when you start learning a new language it shouldn't be just words written in some websites it takes all the fun of learning and kinda makes it boring to learn .