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Hrittwik Barua
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practical real life cases

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Hacking Tutors
Hacking Tutors 10 точки
4 года назад

i am a PCB student and just passed my 12th class this year . and i wanna be a software programmer but colleges for computer science need PCM for BSC in computer science so tell me what i do for a carrer in Computer science. reply fast please

Saurabh Hooda
Saurabh Hooda 96805 Points

@hacking-tutors If you want to learn to program you can do that online. You don't need any academic degree for that.

Aaron West
Aaron West 24 Points

@saurabh-hooda @hacking-tutors take it from a doctorate student.. you do not need a formal degree to do this.. I leaned most of what I know through self learning. I have other reasons for going to school and torturing myself :) Never once in a job interview have I felt that they even considered my formal education

Ajith 14 Points

@hacking-tutors @hacking-tutors you believe in one statement "you could do anything with internet"..listen to various developers in youtube ..,,

Maxi Maroc
Maxi Maroc 10 Points

@ajith @hacking-tutors nice channels, you can add corey shafer as well

Tim 14 точки
3 года назад

Much better than Learn Python the Hard Way IMO.

Scott Reagan
Scott Reagan 10 точки
1 год назад

Best resource on automating using python

Iancu Ioan
Iancu Ioan 10 точки
1 год назад

Qualified Instructor, practical real life cases

Carl Fourtoy
Carl Fourtoy 10 точки
2 года назад

A really good Python course on how to automate stuff.