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Angular - The Complete Guide (2020 Edition) (

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оплаченный видео начинающий Angular 10
Top Three Medal #1 из общего количества 85 Angular Учебники и курсы 24.3k+ Просмотры


Hardik Kapoor
1580 точки


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Jonah 26 точки
3 года назад

It's a good course maybe, however everyone I know stopped after several lessons. One - it's extremely outdated. It's like a very old shirt that's being patched again and again. Maximilian uses Webstorm while everyone else in the world uses VScode. The examples that Max provides are confusing - server/servers example in the beginning. The course is extremely boring, hard to follow. The problem is - there is no decent competition out there, that's why Maximilian keeps selling very very very very old, low quality merchandise and it's fine, because there is no alternative.

Blagoj Sutinov
Blagoj Sutinov 10 Points

@jonah I totally agree with you. It's definitely outdated but still useful since there are no better courses or tutorials out there

Sanjay Patel
Sanjay Patel 10 точки
3 года назад

Do change title from Angular 7 to 8

Swapnil Banga
Swapnil Banga 2764 Points

@sanjay_patel it seems we will have to keep doing this every 6-8 months when Google releases an update :D

Pradeep Kunder
Pradeep Kunder 10 точки
3 года назад

I am facing initial loading issue and bundle size is large when hosted or deployed angular web