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Gaurav Gupta
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Raju Kumar
Raju Kumar 10 точки
3 месяца назад

Nice blog| Thanks for sharing such wonderful information

Gaurav Gupta
Gaurav Gupta 48181 точки
1 год назад

Course review: The official EC2 guide is surprisingly well written with proper detailed step by step instructions. I don't see any reason to hunt around for any other resources to learn EC2 apart from this one.

Just keep in mind that other resources like EBS etc. which are often used closely with EC2 are separate services in AWS so they may not be detailed in the EC2 documentation itself.

Prem Kr Gupta
Prem Kr Gupta 10 точки
1 год назад

Hi @gaurav-gupta I have gone through this link but its redirecting to 404. Please review it once. it will be really helpful for learning

Mohd Belal
Mohd Belal 10 точки
2 года назад

This official documentation covers the in-depth details about the EC2 type and its various features which we can use according to our requirement and need.