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Android App Developer Roadmap

You will learn how to develop applications for the Android platform.

Some knowledge of object-oriented programming will be helpful, but not required.

Что вы узнаете

  • Java programming language

  • Kotlin programming language

  • Using Android Studio

  • How to develop Android applications using Java or Kotlin

  • Android Material Design


Android is one of the most widely used mobile platforms today with over 2 billion monthly active users and millions of apps on the Play Store. Android accounts for over 85% of the total mobile traffic on websites.

As an Android developer, you will have a chance to cater to this huge audience by creating mobile apps/games. You can work as an indie developer and publish your own apps or work for one of the existing publishers. There is no shortage of opportunities!

Java Programming Language

Kotlin Programming Language

Android Development

Android Studio

Material Design

All In One

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Hector 22 точки
8 месяцев назад

It looks like a decent roadmap!

Chinmaya Kumar Behera
Chinmaya Kumar Behera 10 точки
2 недели назад

Can someone let me know the specifications of a laptop/pc which will be ideal for android development.