IoT Developer Course
IoT Developer Course
The Internet of Things (IoT) has taken over our day-to-day lives. Everything is getting ‘Smart’. It is the next big thing and the only solution is to be ‘smart’ enough is to keep up with it.

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About the course

What you will learn
The Internet of Things (IoT) has taken over our day-to-day lives. Everything is getting ‘Smart’. It is the next big thing and the only solution is to be ‘smart’ enough is to keep up with it.
To learn IoT Concepts
To learn Hardware Interfacing with Arduino & LoRaWAN
To learn IP Networking, WiFi HTTP, AMQP
To learn WiFi Boards and Microcontrollers.
To learn Building an IoT Device
To learn IoT Boards
To learn Sensors & Devices
To learn Communication Concepts – GPS, GPRS, RFID, NFC
To learn An IoT Cloud Solution

course description

You will start with the concepts of IoT and their role in our day to day lives. You will learn about the architecture of IoT Devices, how they connect to WiFi and their hardware interface. The IoT architecture has three layers – Physical, Networking and the Application Layer - This course will explore each layer, to give you an understanding of how each layer works and how each is connected to the other.

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12 Chapters






Twice per Week






3 Months


We follow the LAP (Learn - Assess - Project) methodology to improve your learning experience.

learn L - Learn
assessment A - Assess
project P - Project
Module 1

Introduction to IoT

play2 video sessions clock4 hours

This module will give you a concept of the Internet of Things, its underlying hardware for IoT Networking and will get you started with hardware programming through Arduino.

Module 2

Working with Sensors and other Devices

play2 video sessions clock5 hours

Sensors are the mechanical units which collect information from the physical world. This module will discuss the different kinds of sensors, what data they collect and how they are configured to do so.

Module 3

Communications & Networking

play2 video sessions clock5 hours

Communication & Networking is the most indispensable component of IoT. This module will discuss the networking options, their respective trade-offs and how to establish the connection.

Module 4

ESP8266 and ESP32 – The WiFi Boards

clock3 hours

WiFi Boards are small computer-hardware boards with low-power processors and embedded networking protocols. This module explains how these WiFi boards process the sensor-captured data and transfer them over to the server.

Module 5

Connecting to Cloud

play3 video sessions clock7 hours

Cloud computing is the most feasible solution for storing the magnanimous amount of data generated by the IoT devices. This module explains the protocols to establish a two-way connection between the IoT and the Cloud at the application layer.

Module 6

Planning & Architecting an IoT Product

play2 video sessions clock6 hours

This module is more of a self-development nature, where you will be mentored to conceptualize an IoT, decide on the hardware to use, establish cloud connection and implement the required security protocols for data protection.

Module 7

Final Project

play1 video session clock2 hours

Your own IoT Project to be decided with the help of mentors.

course Requirements

This is a basic course on IoT. There are no prerequisites for this course. However, an interest in hardware, software and networking is required.

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Meet your Mentor

Aakash Yadav
Senior Software Engineer
Aakash is a computer science professional with experience in hoisting many startups with his skillset. Over the course of his career, he has achieved expertise in IoT, Machine Learning and full stack software, apps and website development by working on many successful products. Being a constant learner himself, he knows the struggle of finding precise and high quality content on the Internet and with his courses, he hopes to eliminate this hassle for other new comers.

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