Android Developer Course
Android Developer Course
Learn Android and build your own mobile applications for this generation of smartphone users and get ready for the years to follow.

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About the course

What you will learn
Learn Android and build your own mobile applications for this generation of smartphone users and get ready for the years to follow.
To learn What is Android
To learn Android Studio – Installation & Concepts
To learn Kotlin
To learn The Basics of JSON
To learn Intents
To learn Concepts of Mobile Development
To learn The Basics of Java
To learn Layouts and Organized Screens.
To learn Views
To learn Download Manager & Storage

course description

This course starts by giving an understanding of the Mobile Development and concepts of Android. You will first learn how to install Android Studio.

Then the course steers towards the basic building block of Android – Views and Layouts and how they can be used to design an organised screen. You will be introduced to APIs, Third Party Libraries, responses and error handling. The courses then dive deeper into the different types of Views in Android. Then you will learn how to establish communication and transfer data between android components using intents.

Once communication and data transfer is established, the course explores the various data storage option available in Android.

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15 Chapters






Twice per Week






3 Months


We follow the LAP (Learn - Assess - Project) methodology to improve your learning experience.

learn L - Learn
assessment A - Assess
project P - Project
Module 1

Overview & LifeCycle

play2 video sessions clock4 hours

This module explains the concepts of Mobile Development with Android. It focuses on the technical understanding of Android and the programming basics of Java and Kotlin.

Module 2


play2 video sessions clock4 hours

Views and Layouts are the basic building blocks of an application. This module will explain how to create application layouts and implement coding into them.

Module 3

Connecting to the Internet and Third-Party Libraries

play3 video sessions clock6 hours

Internet Connectivity is one of the main aspects of any Mobile Application. This module explains the different components such as Web Sockets, JSON Libraries, etc., that are required to establish secure internet connectivity.

Module 4

List View and Recycler View

play3 video sessions clock6 hours

The Listview and Recyclerview are widgets/models that are used to display data. These models are groups of several different components. This module traverses through these different components and how they are used as a whole to display data efficiently for a scrolling interface.

Module 5


play2 video sessions clock4 hours

Multipage or Multi-screen refers to the different screens that appear sequentially during a process in an application. They are a set of activities linked through intents. This module explains the process of building multi-screens through activities and linking them through intents, followed by how to switch between screens and handling the back button.

Module 6

Storing Data

play2 video sessions clock4 hours

Data storage is one of the most important aspects for any application. Android uses a disk-based file system which provides several options for storing application data. This module explains these options and how to configure them for optimized storage.

Module 7

Final Project

play1 video session clock2 hours

Now that you are familiar with the complete course, you will create a final real-world project with the help of our mentors.

course Requirements

Programming basics of C/C++ or atleast one other programming language is required.

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Meet your Mentor

Vaibhav Bhasin
Senior Software Engineer
Vaibhav, a Senior Mobile Application Developer at, holds an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and is well versed in mobile application development languages like Kotlin, Swift, Java, and more. He has also developed and published several applications on Android and iOS platforms. Vaibhav is an experienced and dedicated professional. Staying updated with upcoming technology and gadgets fascinates him. Reading books and writing blogs are some of the things that interest him.

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