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We learn best by doing. Build small projects in React and sharpen your skills. And if you get stuck anywhere we are here for you!

If you are not familiar with React, please start with React Tutorials

What you'll build

You will be building an e-commerce site that lets you view a list of Pokemons available, search and filter them based on their names and certain tags, and you can also add Pokemons to your cart.

How it Works

The project you will be building has been divided into 5 tasks. You will receive all the instructions and assets from us. Here is a sneak peak of what you will do.

Receive all the necessary HTML and assets for the task

Download assets for every task from HacknLearn Dashboard. It contains the necessary HTML, Images and instructions to guide you through the task.

Try the next task when you are done.

When you have finished a challenge, download the solution for the challenge and tally your code from the solution. Once done, you can download assets for the next challenge.



Coming soon


Coming soon

A lot is on the way!

Currently we have exercises/solution for React Only. But we will be adding projects for Angular, Vue and a lot more soon.

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