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Index Server function in SAP HANA Architecture

How does the Index Server function in SAP HANA Architecture?

Harshali Patel 10 months ago
  • Animesh Agrawal

    Index Server is the main component of SAP HANA Architecture. It consists engines and actual data for data processing. The Index Server takes care of all the requests and processes them. Complete processing of SAP HANA is done in Index Server.It processes incoming SQL or MDX statements which comes to SAP HANA database system.

    The components of Index Server are:

    1. Connection and Session Manager

    It manages all database transactions and tracks all the transactions. Whenever a transaction completes or fails, the transaction manager informs suitable data engine to perform relevant actions.

    1. Persistence Layer

    The Persistence Layer utilizes existing feature of Disaster Recovery for SAP HANA Database. It also manages data and transaction logs and consist log backup and data backup of SAP HANA system.

    1. Planning Engine

    The planning engine in SAP HANA Architecture creates SQL processing plans.

    It generates a plan particular to each request sent to HANA database. It handles the different levels of aggregations which are applied to data.

    1. Calc Engine

    It modifies data into calculation models for creating logical execution plan to handle parallel processing of statements.

    1. Repository

    It continues the versioning of SAP HANA metadata object like stored procedure.

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  • Princy Maaya

    Sap hana Architecture overview
    Contrasted with different databases, the design of SAP HANA is selective and particular. The SAP HANA database is based on C++ and works on SUSE Linux Enterprises Server. The point of the SAP HANA database is to offer a principle memory driven information the executives stage to help SQL. To various machines, SAP HANA Database is conveyed.

    Think about SAP HANA engineering:

    SAP HANA database involves different servers to be specific

    Record server

    Name Server

    Measurement Server

    Preprocessor Server

    XS Engine

    Among all these record servers is the most critical segment of the whole server.

    Record Server: It is the key SAP HANA database segment and includes real information stores and the motor for information handling. In circumstance of valid sessions and associations while SQL or MDX begin against the SAP HANA framework, a file server keeps up these directions and takes a progression of activities so as to accomplish a specific end.

    Name Server: It includes intensive data in regards to the framework scene. The name server includes data about each running part and area of information on the server in disseminated server. What's more, the name server includes data about the server on which information exists.

    Measurement Server: This server helps with gathering the information for the framework screen and helps in understanding the SAP HANA framework's wellbeing. The obligation of this server is to gather the information identified with source circulation/utilization, status, and execution of the SAP HANA framework. This server screens the status of various alarm screens and the data assembled by insights server.

    This server likewise offers a background marked by estimation information for extra investigation.

    Preprocessor Server: For investigating content and separating information from a content when the pursuit work is utilized, Preprocessor Server is utilized. The capacities of preprocessor server are abused by record server amid the investigation of the content information and testing.

    XS Engine: This is found in the XS Server. This grants outer application and designers to use SAP HANA database through the XS Engine customer. To transmit information through XS motor for HTTP server, the outside customer application may utilize HTTP.
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