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How can we mimic Instagram stories in a react native app?

I'm currently working on a project which has a horizontal flatlist of expandable items (very instagram-stories-like). Each of these items is a TouchableOpacity which conditionally renders an absolutely positioned Animated.View. On the android version, although the tab navigator is visually behind the overlay, touches at the bottom part still correspond to it. I would love to fix that and know the structure of stories implemented on Instagram (how do they appear? what component? etc.)

Hani Mohammed 8 months ago
  • Nathan Josh

    Okay, For this you need to first achieve three targets

    • Add story/status
    • List all of the user’s statuses
    • View all of the user’s statuses

    For adding story/status- Start by selecting images from Expo’s Image Picker and convert them into a blob so as to upload to Firebase Storage and upload/add records to its collections.

    For listing statuses- Get the records for which you need to First, make a Firebase query for all user collections with the Snapshot. Snapshot is required for real-time data for all users.

    View all of the user’s statuses filter all users with an interval loop that will rerun the function so as to get the story statuses up to date.

    For more info if you need demo you can ask Master Software Solutions- Visit here for react native development queries.

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