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What's the best way to develop a GUI using solely Python?

I've heard of Tkinter and many others, but they all only allow you to make a GUI that looks like it's from the 90s. Has anyone ever develoepd a real-world application that features a GUI and runs solely on Python? 
Alex 4 months ago
  • Alex

    I just came across this: which might be of help. Does anyone know of a useful tutorial that I should follow?

  • Pawan Kumar

    i think you should go with making app with electron app instead of going with python.

  • Alex

    Hi, thanks for sharing that framework. Do you have any experience with working with it?

    I might try to learn how to do it but this task is due in quite soon, so it may not be possible to learn it. I've only ever programmed in Python.

  • Varun Kumar

    building a GUI application class,
    creating widgets,
    laying them in containers,
    attaching and handling events,
    manipulating widgets values,

    Do the same thing with (the standard GUI toolkit provided with Python) and wxPython (an advanced, portable, popular GUI toolkit).
    Program it the right way
    Use plain english
    Explicit is better than implicit ;-)

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