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How to keep the proxy setup active till the end of execution

I am trying to write the python code were I want to keep the proxy setting active till th end of the python scrip execution. Is there any sample code exists

Ugesh 11 months ago
  • Tobintelder

    I bought "Automate the boring stuff with python" a few weeks ago (3 or 4, i don't remember), and this is the first real program i made.

    I first started checking out Tkinter because i like the idea of GUIs, which took a long to get to work the way i wanted it to. I then got to looking into classes, when i went to stack overflow for a little bit of help with Tkinter.
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    I'm fairly proud of what i accomplished in what feels like a very small amount of time.

    The program itself is for a discord bot, that i wanted to try and automate, so i got a lot of experince using Tkinter and classes during this little project.

    Any feedback is very appreciated!

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