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How to create audio sharing in real time using socket.io in nodejs.

Am working on one project that require me to watch or listen video or audio file with other people in realtime with  Nodejs, (one to many).

However, i worked on the video part, and the app can be able to broadcast video file to multi clients successfully, but sound as not been integrated yet for the video, cox am using canvas to write the video imagery to clients.

So my big challenge here is audio, whats the best way to broadcast audio file to clients in real time?
Whats the best way to broadcast the video without using canvas so that the sound of the video will be visible to all clients.

[ One to Many ] watch together or listen together live.

I don't want to record the video or audio from recorder, i just want to broadcast an existing video file or audio to clients in real time.

I wish to get good support.

Best Regards,

Rabiu Abdul 8 months ago
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