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Who can i prepare and pass Sharing-and-Visibility-Designer Exam in 2019?

William cleo 4 months ago
  • Maybe I'm wanting to use MySQL Workbench for something it is not intended for, in which case a nudge in the right direction is also appreciated.

    I have product data from multiple sources. Sometimes they'll match on a name, or a variation of product name and a particular attribute depending on the category. Sometimes there is a lot of rows of data in the same table that needs to be mushed together.

    I'd like to design a process where I can take the source data, process it based on this business logic, and then output to a new table. Automating it would be awesome, but just getting there would be fantastic.

    The alternative for me is to create a bunch of Php scripts to do this but I would really like to streamline this and learn something new in the process.

    Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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