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Pure CSS/HTML animated clickable hamburger nav icon

Just wanted to share something i hacked together today from parts i found online. I wanted a pure CSS hamburger menu that i could understand and use to start coding animated hamburgers. Couldn't find exactly what i wanted so hacked together something from bits and pieces i found online

Hackr User 1 year ago
  • Hackr User

    Wow this is an awesome discovery. Thanks for sharing this information.


    KissAnime GroupMe Mobdro

  • Brianlobo

    I want to add an image with a transparent background, as in an image with no white background, not background-image. Whenever I try to add the image the checkered part of the transparent image still shows on my page, and I can't find a fix for the life of me. I'm sure the solution is simple but I need some help.

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