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Is making website the best way to learn HTML5 and CSS3?

Hey guys! I want to know if making a website (i want to make a website for a an incoming book) is the best way to learn HTML and CSS. I mean like making directly the website i want, or do I need to practice a little bit off. Maybe someone could help me? Greatfully, Corybeo

(Sorry for bad english, english isn't my mother tongue (it's French ;3)

Hackr User 1 year ago
  • Pranith Hengavalli

    You can start by using some basic html with only the head and body tags, and slowly build on it until you have something that looks like the modern websites we use on the Internet today. Its very simple to create your first website, especially using the various boilerplates and templates that are available online.

    You can open and view your html page offline in a browser like Chrome or Safari. To host it online, you can use a service like dragdrop.site or Zeit Now to host your html online easily.

  • Hackr User

    thankyou so much!!!

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  • Minakshi Sondule

    Firstly start to learn some basic concept of HTML for that you can take help of W3 school or any other google site.Many site provide online HTML courses..As a Android developer I used to learn HTML concept from this site for creating my own site..
    Then you start creating your own website for practice purpose..From this you can easily capture all the things in HTML ..
    Hope this will helpful for you..

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