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Learning Backbone as a React developer

I committed to interning at a new company this summer and the team I have joined let me know they use backbone.js as their main JavaScript library. In my previous internship, I worked with a team on React/React Native projects. Over the past year I've gotten to know React very well and have enjoyed most of my time with the framework/library.

I've been learning Backbone recently(prepping for the internship) and while I agree it is much more compact and flexible than React, it seems entirely too cumbersome to do simple things. The amount of code that goes into displaying a single collection is horrifyingly verbose compared to writing the same display in React. Has anyone here gone down a similar path(transferring to Backbone from React)? If so, what helped you get over this barrier and what have you found that makes the transition easier? https://ovo.fyi/lorem-ipsum/ https://ovo.fyi/temp-mail/ https://ovo.fyi/10-minute-mail/

Aplam 11 months ago
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