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Query Builder return null for join result and raw query in AdonisJS

I want to get count result by Database.raw in a select query of the query builder but when my main table is empty, all fields of my query are null except Database.raw result.

Here is my query:

const jobs = await Database.table('jobs')
.leftJoin('job_offers', 'jobs.id', 'job_offers.job_id')
Database.raw(`'job' as type`),
Database.raw('COUNT(jobs.id) as offers_count'),
'jobs.id', 'title', 'jobs.description', 'jobs.created_at',

and my query result is:

"type": "job",
"offers_count": 0,
"id": null,
"title": null,
"description": null,
"created_at": null

In the above query, the result must be [] when there are not any row in my job table.

What is wrong in my query?

Behnam Azimi 1 year ago
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