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Michael Zalud
6150 puntos

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Surya Krishnamurthy
hace 4 años

undoubtedly the best tutorial you can find. Not just for C++, but for OOP in general

Gitan Adressi
Gitan Adressi 12 puntos
hace 4 años

Please, is there a pdf version of this tutorial? Congratulations to the author!!

Saurabh Hooda
Saurabh Hooda 101225 Points

@gitan-adressi there is no pdf available, I guess, but the tutorial is free to read on the internet.

Vladi Beeblebrox
Vladi Beeblebrox 18 Points

@gitan-adressi intentionally NOT.. As author states: "The site is able to stay free for everyone because we’re ad-sponsored -- that model simply doesn’t work in PDF format. You are welcome to convert pages from this website into PDF (or any other) format for your own private use, so long as you do not distribute them." After all the effort he invested in web site and he doesn't charge for it, it is very fair not to provide PDF version.

Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers 10 puntos
hace 4 años

I don't know where to start
can anyone don't mind to help me?

Samson Yap
Samson Yap 430 Points

@steve-rogers Visit this website, start from chapter 0, be patient and everything will be alright.

Hessam 10 puntos
hace 3 años

how long does this course take to finish?

Saurabh Hooda
Saurabh Hooda 101225 Points

@hessam "how long?" is a question that will invite very subjective answers. This tutorial has 18 chapters so can take anywhere between 18 days to 18 weeks. It all depends how much deeper do you want to go on each topic and how many practice problems would you do for each chapter.
Don't worry about how long. Get started. Beginning is half done:)

Tarun Paliwal
Tarun Paliwal 10 puntos
hace 6 meses

Getting error while clicking on visit tutorial button as origin error please suggest

Valeriy Zhuykov
Valeriy Zhuykov 10 puntos
hace 7 meses

I learned the basics of C ++ there, then read the documentation and wrote my programs without any problems. I got a job as a C ++ programmer. But before that I had been programming in other languages ​​for 7 years, of course. This is the best site for learning C ++. But the author of this site sometimes writes a lot of "extra information" for example quite often he explains some topic and then says at the end of the lesson that this method is no longer used and it is not popular and it is also bad, so just forget what you read. But despite this, I am sure that this is still the fastest way to learn C ++ basics, after this site you will be able to program simple programs and I think everything will be fine.

Stream It
Stream It 10 puntos
hace 9 meses

The best tutorial if you are just starting to learn programming. Takes you from basic to advance stuff in very elegant manner

Tan Le
Tan Le 12 puntos
hace 3 años

I really like the way this tutorial explain things, it's simple, clear and complete. But I think it's better with more examples.

K Abhishek_1si18cs042
hace 1 año

best free tutorials i have ever studied

Tutorial And Example
hace 2 años

Best site to learn c !

Alex Carrey
Alex Carrey 10 Points

@tutorialandexample yes i always prefer this one