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Artem Murga
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Mark Whatcott
Mark Whatcott 20 puntos
hace 4 años

Python 2 based

Saurabh Hooda
Saurabh Hooda 100225 Points

@mark-whatcott Thanks for letting us know. We'll start marking tutorials with their language version pretty soon.

Naresh Saini
Naresh Saini 18 Points

@saurabh-hooda @mark-whatcott thank you sir,please do this asap.

Bianca Gutu
Bianca Gutu 12 Points

I'm happy to help with updating the tutorial for python 3 @mark-whatcott

Thomas White
Thomas White 10 Points

@mark-whatcott and with Google saying this:"While we recommend "avoiding" Python 3 for now,... " Python 2 will never go away. We should not be telling or showing people how to create more Python2 code.

Naresh Saini
Naresh Saini 18 puntos
hace 4 años

i want to learn python but how ?

Karthikeyan Mahadevan

@naresh-saini Naresh, you are curious that is good to start. should be some thing that should help you get going.

Naresh Saini
Naresh Saini 18 Points

Thank you

Aarti Jain
Aarti Jain 12 puntos
hace 1 año

Thank you for sharing this platform, Python Training is very known language. With todays era,Python training would help create innovations in the field of Artificial Intelligence also.. Python training aids in creating systems that are alike or surpass human intelligence. For that reason, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the study of computer science concentrating on creating software or machines that display human intelligence.

Andrew Snodgrass
Andrew Snodgrass 12 puntos
hace 2 años

hack mathxl for school

Rafiq 14 puntos
hace 2 años

I want practice and learn python programming

Himangshu Das
Himangshu Das 10 puntos
hace 1 mes

Nice Training k

Patricio Martir
Patricio Martir 10 puntos
hace 1 año


Israel Inyang
Israel Inyang 10 puntos
hace 1 año

I need full information on python

Unique Person
Unique Person 10 puntos
hace 1 año

great job

Ghaffar_jr Adeyemi
Ghaffar_jr Adeyemi 10 puntos
hace 1 año

Thanks, love to see more of this ASAP!