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Saurabh Hooda
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Garvit Arya
Garvit Arya 12 puntos
hace 1 año

Best suited for beginner to intermediate learners

Sayak Paul
Sayak Paul 10 puntos
hace 2 años

This is not a course. This is a book (a great one although) written by the author of the DL library Keras. Please allow the users to distinguish between courses and books. Also, there exists a course on DataCamp with exactly this name.

Swapnil Banga
Swapnil Banga 2494 Points

@sayak-paul we have tags for differentiating videos from books. This tutorial has been tagged as a book.

Sayak Paul
Sayak Paul 10 Points

@swapnil-banga still I believe a book may not be tutorial always. Again, this is just my suggestion.

Swapnil Banga
Swapnil Banga 2494 Points

@sayak-paul oh, I got your point. I agree a book is not technically a tutorial, but we do not have a dedicated section for books as of now. I will keep your feedback in mind.