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Ian Harris
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Ayesha Salman
Ayesha Salman 10 puntos
hace 1 año

I'm getting this problem with arduino switch please help!

I believe the arduino that I got from as i think it's SWITCH statement has some compile time problems.

If I try to declare a boolean variable in a CASE statement as illustrated in "case 2: in the snippet below, the compiler throws an error.

I add this to the other CASE statement problem I flagged earlier: ie. the compiler does not throw an error if you misspell "default" as "defalut.")


switch (var) {
case 1:
//do something when var equals 1
case 2:
boolean X;
//do something when var equals 2
// if nothing else matches, do the default
// default is optional

This appears to be a problem with the compiler, NOT my code, and it seems to happen only with nested SWITCH statements.

Thank in advance for your prompt response.