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This bootcamp has already taken place
19 Apr

Machine Learning Workshop

About Bootcamp

Basics of machine learning with a prediction problem on Titanic Survival Prediction dataset
Speaker: Aakash Yadav, ML Engineer at

Why we need this workshop
-- We all find AI and Machine Learning fascinating and want to start with that. But where to start Learning ML is the most confusing question. So this workshop is to get you started with Machine Learning and help you understand what exactly is Machine Learning.

-- Some prior experience with Programming (Only For Hands-on)

Setup Instructions:
-- Install R Link :
-- Install R Studio Desktop :
-- Download Datasets -

-- What is the typical process of a Data Science Project?
-- Titanic Survival Prediction
-- Hands-on Workshop

Concept- 1.5hours

Workshop includes:-
-> Collecting data for analysis
-> Cleaning Raw Collected data
-> Transforming and Enriching data
-> Various Visualisation techniques and Understanding data
-> Model Training and Predicting Results

Hands-on Workshop - 1hour

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