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Vijay Singh Khatri | 14 Dec, 2022

What Makes Novi HTML Visual Editor a Great Choice for Web Developers

Let me ask you a question. What do you expect to get from an HTML editor? With multiple website builders and CMSs on the web, chances are you want to get everything you need at your fingertips. Whether you are just starting out or have high-level coding skills, let me show you some tricks to use Novi HTML visual editor like never before.

When it comes to customization possibilities, Novi editor is incredibly flexible. Okay, these are the common features that do not prove Novi HTML visual editor worth your time:

  • HTML Editor Software is a B2B/B2C platform;
  • ease of Use;
  • three-Mode Dashboard;
  • instruments for Developers;
  • design Possibilities.

Now, let’s go down the rabbit hole to learn why Novi HTML drag-n-drop builder can be an excellent tool for web designers.  

Build Responsive Real-World Websites with HTML and CSS

What to Expect from Novi HTML Editor 

#1 HTML Editor Software is a B2B/B2C platform

The best thing about Novi is that it’s the B2B/B2C online platform ideal for both web designers and end-users. In short, the HTML editor represents a mix of two business models and serves as a link between the business and the end-user. From one side, it gives a chance for end-users to import current projects and adjust pages. While from the other side, it allows web developers to create their templates. So, in times when a business owner needs to add their text within the code, Novi HTML drag-n-drop builder is the solution.

#2 A Separate Hosting Account is Needed

Different complicated platforms and website builders differ in needs and possibilities. As a coder, you may want to explore the value of HTML editor as much as possible. To make your journey fun and enjoyable one thing you need is to have a separate hosting account. All in all, it results in a faster page load speed. Check details here.

#3 Ease of Use

In fact, Novi is the only HTML editor software letting users work with its source code. For those who have a technical background and some experience, Novi offers tons of possibilities. For non-technicians, HTML editor software also has a lot to offer. So, you can take advantage of a ton of ready-made blocks, a huge selection of plugins, and visual elements so needed when just starting out.  

HTML websites are easy to work with and upload with the help of traditional file managers or FTP. So, go and get the website to the folder you need and publish it. You can choose different page settings, modify SEO sets, including meta keywords and meta descriptions. Thus, depending on what kind of website you need to create, import a ready-made template that fits your needs and start to adjust the pages with Novi HTML drag-n-drop builder.

Build Responsive Real-World Websites with HTML and CSS

#4 HTML Editor Software Comes with Three-Mode Dashboard

  • Edit Design Mode is a perfect solution for web developers who prefer working with code. It allows you to customize your website with the help of various elements. Here you work with the source code and have all the necessary tools in one place.
  • Simple Edit Mode makes it possible to work with various types of content for non-technicians. Again, you pick the needed template and start editing. Novi is the HTML drag-n-drop builder that makes it extremely easy to make any changes you need. Thus, you can upload new images for your slider, duplicate layers, add or delete elements, edit buttons, add links & icons, texts, and more.
  • Preview Mode shows you what your page will look like. So, go and check the results of your work without publishing the site.

So, all three modes, which include HTML, CSS or JS editor are available for web designers. There is one more option to create a new page and access it with a single click – Advanced Page Manager. Jam-packed with features, it allows you to bring some new feel to the desired page. Whether you want or replace or delete it, a user-friendly context menu comes to your help.

#5 Instruments for Developers

As a coder, you expect to have multiple tools within Novi HTML visual editor. Don’t limit yourself. Make the best use of Preset Manager to edit the source code for your online-projects as easy as that. You can also create new presets, save them and use them later.

With the help of right and left panels, you can change settings, add content, and make other changes. Change the text or names of menu items by double-clicking on them, set the font style and a link using the icons above the text.  

Want to change your logo image? Click the ‘Upload’ button and upload your image. In the Pages panel, you can access all pages. Whether to create a new page or add some content to the current one, drag-n-drop functionality will do the trick. To change the settings, upload favicon, social links or contact details, go to the Project Settings.

As a bonus, Novi HTML visual editor comes with some extra features that could especially be a huge help for web designers who deal with customers’ websites. Thus, you can download the project template to show it to your customer before publishing it. Also, you can save the project prototype and use it further.

#6 Design Possibilities

When it comes to design, chances are you’d like to get your fingers wet into web design as much as possible. The beauty of Novi HTML visual editor is that it allows you to go as far as you like and implement various web design trends and UI/UX features to make your project shine. First, you get a set of stylish pre-designed templates that come with almost endless editing capabilities. Built-in sections, blocks, and necessary plugins will help you get creative.

For those web designers who prefer to work with the source code, extended design capabilities would be a nice extra. You can choose from HTML, SCC or JS editing, work with plugins and preset elements. To access the code view, click the icon at the top and enjoy it.

Advanced visual editing feature allows you to get access to two different template versions at the same time. The first version is actually WYSIWYG editor, which is a perfect option for newbies who want to design greatness. And the second one is a standard HTML code and all related files.

With the change resolution function, you can check the appearance of your website on various modern mobile devices. No need to switch between them, change resolution mode offers several options to choose from.

In fact, it’s not impossible to install Novi HTML editor templates on WordPress. Yet, get ready to deal with all the necessary modifications and code changes on your own.  

Is Novi HTML Visual Editor an Excellent Choice for You?

Okay, by now you know that Novi HTML editor software is a great choice for coders and web developers who don’t like to limit themselves. Even though it’s an extremely easy to use HTML drag-n-drop builder, professional web developers will be surprised by its powerful design capabilities. In fact, what other website builders can offer you a possibility to tackle the different programming languages separately? 

So, if there’s a chance to give this HTML editor software a try, don’t miss it.


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