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What is Hackr Bootcamp and why?

Hackr Bootcamp is an initiative by that provides community recommended best programming tutorials and courses. Hackr Bootcamp is an offline intention of online platform for a community of programmers and designers who believe in learning by “doing and sharing”.

What’s happens at Hackr Bootcamp/When it happens/Where it happens
Hackr Bootcamp takes place in Delhi NCR at office at Gurugram or based on availability and time; we usually organize at vibrant and spacious co-work places ( like 91springboard ), preferably central place in Delhi.

Generally, weekends are dedicated to workshops where Professionals, students, tech enthusiast, looking for upskilling training sessions, who are working find weekends most convenient and are looking for a programming/ design workshop topics specifically related to-

  • Programming languages like Python, Machine Learning, JS frameworks, Vue.js, Alexa Skill, Laravel and more.
  • Designers interested in UI/UX design, Interaction Design, Design Sprints
  • Devops AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible
  • DataScience, Machine Learning,

Speak for the community, share your knowledge and experience

We are continually growing as a community, and always looking for innovative and influential speakers to take the stage.Hackr Bootcamp also provides an opportunity to speak for those who believe in sharing knowledge, be a mentor to somebody, or make you feel happy in teaching somebody.

Do drop us an email at

What to expect to happen

Hackr Bootcamp organizes, facilitates workshops/Hackathon/training programs/ design talks and labs – Free(most of the time). We conduct, facilitate workshops, training programs, to those who want to upskill their tech stack. Workshops are taken by Industry experts, professionals, community leads or Developer advocates; they are capable enough to answer any questions, train your skill like a pro with the latest expertise, with the best of knowledge.

Hands on Workshop

Hands-on coding, Design lab, work on projects, form a team.

Hackr Bootcamps follows an agenda

Starts at the registration desk by registering for the workshop, then an intro of everybody in the room,
The workshop begins with an enlightening talk followed by QnA and hands-on workshop There is 15-30mins coffee break leverage to get maximum networking at that time. The workshop continues, and at the end, registration details are used for sharing workshop resources, moments captured or video if made any.

Hackr Bootcamp Workshop

All the resources like presentations, links, codes can be found on –

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Past Event Insights

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