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Parul Bhargava | 05 Apr, 2023

Hackr Bootcamp at GLA University, Mathura had its first ever two-day Hackr Bootcamp Session at GLA University, Mathura on 7-8 June 2019.

The mission of the Bootcamp was to bridge the gap between startups and students where budding talent gets surfaced and recognized by companies looking for bright minds.

Hackr Bootcamp was attended by students who were entering the last semester of their college or were about to pass out. These students needed a mentor who would understand their talent, recognize it, define it and give a direction that’s best suited for them.

Bootcamp sessions got the students ready for the industry, be it meeting strict real-world deadlines, handling clients or working in a team. Hackr Bootcamps gave a taste of a real-world working environment to the students.

How did we do?

Bootcamp Agenda

  • Welcome Note | Introduction by Gaurav Gupta, Founder
  • Assessment Round
  • Handson Lab Session - Day 1
    • JS Intro | JS analytics | Market Study for the demand of JS
    • Basic JS programming
    • Project - Secret Messaging
  • Handson Lab Session - Day 2
    • Recap of the previous session
    • Advance topics on JS
    • Project - Expense Manager & Chatbot
    • Rewards & Appreciation

Day 1

Day 1 started with Gaurav Gupta’s motivational keynote to inspire children about computer science as a career and how the Bootcamp will give them direction to design a roadmap of their career.

Gaurav Gupta

A written assessment round was carried out for 450+ students based on analytical, logical, and tech-awareness questions. Out of the 450+ students, 120 were shortlisted for the Two-day Hackr


GLA Students

The Bootcamp started with an interactive introductory session on Javascript by Gaurav Gupta. Gaurav explained why Javascript is trending and why all the big companies in the world are using JS and JS frameworks in production.


Second part of the session was an overview of basic concepts of Javascript taken by Aakash Yadav, Software Engineer He walked through the building blocks of programming in JS.

To conclude Day 1, a “Secret Messaging” project was assigned to all students. Aakash first demonstrated what was to be done in the project and then discussed how can it be done, using the concepts explained on Day 1.

Secret Messaging

Students were excited to build the project and share secret messages with their friends. The day ended with tons of enthusiasm to complete the project and look forward to what exciting work will happen the next day.

As the Hackr team slept at night, project submissions started pouring in and went on all night - 1am..2am..4am! Such amazing enthusiasm blew our minds and made us gear up with even more energy for the 2nd day of the Bootcamp.

Day 2

Second day started with even more excitement and energy, passing smiles and good mornings to each other and hoping to have more fun during the day. We were happy to see 100% attendance for the next day too!

Vinayak Sarawagi

Vinayak Sarawagi, Software Engineer @ kickstarted the session with a recap of the previous day and then took it to an advanced level while talking about:

  • JS Object and Local storage
  • A Walk through DOM
  • Document Object Model

The next session was presented by Swapnil Banga, Senior Software Engineer @ He demonstrated a chatbot which allows students to manage their day to day expenses and savings via a simple chat interface.

Students were given 3 hours to build the chatbot, as Swapnil and the team went around mentoring and helping students with their queries.

build the chatbot

We were rather pleased to see that most students were able to finish the chatbot within 3 hours and few of them even presented their projects on stage to the entire audience!

Rewards & Appreciation

During the entire session, students were given “upvotes” for every correct answer to the questions posed by the speakers, which motivated students to participate and answer even more. The atmosphere of the whole workshop was absolutely electric!

Rewards & Appreciation

Students with the maximum Hackr Upvotes later redeemed their upvotes for these awesome Hackr Kits!


Students with the best projects, most upvotes, best CV’s and outstanding performance in the assessment got a “Letter of Invitation” for a personal interview at office in Gurgaon for Hiring Day!

Hiring Day - 12 June

We invited three of the best-known startups in India to participate in the Hiring Day to be able to interact with the students one to one and understand their abilities and career motivations.

8 students got selected to work with these startups, which are redefining the sports and education industries.

3 Placed at 3 Placed at 2 Placed at

Success Stats

Overall Bootcamp Success stats

Along with lots of Pizzas..Selfies...Chilling..Laughing..Happy...Smiling Faces, we had:

  • 450+ Participants
  • 120 Shortlisted for the Bootcamp
  • 60 Hackr Bootcamper got Certified
  • 15 shortlisted for Hiring Day
  • 8 Offer Letters given

Special mention to Ayushi Rathour, HR Manager at for managing the whole event and making it memorable.

What people have to say about Hackr Bootcamp


Here's how leading, progressive & visionary organization's knock over the status quo & carve out innovative ways to attract talent. ” - Lalit Seth, GLA University.



Hackr Plus

After the phenomenal success of Hackr Bootcamp, where two days were just a small trailer of bigger picture called Hackr Plus, where long-term workshops will be conducted for various other technologies, including Python, React, Angular, Machine Learning, PHP, Javascript with a similar format of Hackr Bootcamp.

Hackr Plus will provide practical hands-on learning with With one to one mentoring from the best Industry Experts, 10+ Hands-on Industry projects with Code Reviews and lots of Assessment and Quizzes.

Here's quick insights:

If you are interested in knowing more about Hackr Bootcamps for your college or university, please email us on


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