DBMS Interview Questions

A database is the backbone of any IT system. As a Database Developer, I am sure you would want to prove your expertise and knowledge in your next job interview and win a role. Here is the list of top 30 DBMS Interview questions that will help you sail through. In addition, to enhance your skills you could go through SQL Tutorials and Top 30 SQL Interview Questions as SQL is an integrated and a vital feature in a DBMS (Database Management System).

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MongoDB vs MySQL

Storing data in relational models is not new. The RDBMS(Relational Database Management System) has been in vogue for decades, especially for web-based enterprise applications. The rapid increase in distributed and cloud computing, and changing expectations of data users in data storage and management, paved the way to the two most popular open-source databases- MySQL and MongoDB.

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Both OLAP and OLTP are online processing systems. Opposed to a batch processing system, where transaction details pile up in a stack of documents which are then registered in batches, an online processing system is one that registers ongoing transactions in real-time.

OLTP is a transaction processing system i.e. it manages transaction-based applications over the Internet. OLTP systems, for instance, are responsible for providing data to data warehouses.

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