Data Science

Data Analytics Courses

Data analytics is a subset of data science that deals with gathering and analyzing data and then applying various techniques to convert the same into meaningful information usable for decision-making and enhancing productivity for a business.

Data science and data analytics are among the top career avenues in the 21st century. In the present data-savvy world, the possibilities pertaining to data analytics are immense. With the right knowledge and skills, you can grab lucrative work opportunities.

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What Is Data Science

Our little planet is now becoming a Digital planet and by 2020 we will have 40 times more bytes than there are stars in the universe. Over 90 percent of the data sitting and floating in all possible devices and systems in the world today was simply generated in the last two years alone.  These humongous volumes of data – now called Big Data – can mean a lot to businesses and can help gain insights and trends about their users and user behavior.  The massive volume of data in both structured and unstructured formats is difficult to process through traditional database modeling and tools. Hence there is a need to use scientific methods, algorithms, and tools to analyze and to make sense out of Big Data and the need for Data Science and Data Analytics. 

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What is Data Analytics

Data is the new precious Oil in today’s business world. Data is a critical input for business decisions and it can impact the growth of organizations. As said by Charlie Berger of Oracle Corporation, “Without proper analysis, data is just text and numbers and not useful to derive actionable information. It is something that you can exploit today and something that your competitor may not have yet discovered.” 

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