Pass by Reference

There are three ways to pass variables to a function – pass by value, pass by pointer and pass by reference. The most common language that uses pass by reference in C++. To discuss pass by reference in detail, I would like to explain to you the other two ways as well, so that the concepts are planted in your mind forever. The examples I have written are in C++ because C++ uses all the three and it will be easier for us to compare and understand each of them. If you would like to learn more about C++, do it here.

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C++ vs Java

C++ and Java are among the big names in the world of programming. These two computer programming languages are very popular because of their wide applications.

Learning C++ and Java will give you a foundational understanding of programming. So anyone who is new to programming is generally recommended to learn any or both of these languages before moving on to other languages and technologies. This is the reason why schools and colleges that teach programming have C++ and/or Java as mandatory subjects so that the students can get a good idea of what programming is.

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