Artificial Intelligence

AI Applications

The era of artificial intelligence

2019 has witnessed a major turnaround in artificial intelligence with a solidified belief of the customers. 41% of them firmly believing that it is going to improve their lives in some way or the other. The conscious boom created by customers in helping companies is pretty evident with the fact that over 33% think that they are already using applications and platforms that are artificially intelligent. 

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What is Artificial Intelligence

Imagine having a conversation with your computer talking about your work and ideas and hearing feedback about your thoughts. Suppose you launch some new ice-cream flavor in the market and your computer predicts the consequences before-hand and guides you if the investment of your time and money would be fruitful or not. Unbelievable isn’t it? No, this is not just made up by after watching some Sci-Fi movie. Well, it is now possible in this era of Artificial Intelligence.

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AI vs Machine learning

The internet today is booming with cloud, big data, machine learning, deep learning, IoT and AI (Artificial intelligence). The reason is that these technologies are bringing the world closer by integrating various systems and performing human-like tasks improving productivity and saving loads of money and time!

While the world is going gaga about AI and its potential uses, there are many instances where we can hear the word machine learning alongside AI.

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