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Sindhuja Hari, a technology geek, content producer & writer brings over 20 years of experience. She builds and delivers best in class content for global audiences. Her favorite domains/ genres are IT, Manufacturing, Logistics & Supply Chain, and Travel & Leisure.

What Is Data Science

Our little planet is now becoming a Digital planet and by 2020 we will have 40 times more bytes than there are stars in the universe. Over 90 percent of the data sitting and floating in all possible devices and systems in the world today was simply generated in the last two years alone.  These humongous volumes of data – now called Big Data – can mean a lot to businesses and can help gain insights and trends about their users and user behavior.  The massive volume of data in both structured and unstructured formats is difficult to process through traditional database modeling and tools. Hence there is a need to use scientific methods, algorithms, and tools to analyze and to make sense out of Big Data and the need for Data Science and Data Analytics. 

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NGINX vs Apache

The two most popular open source web servers(Source) powering the Internet today are Apache HTTP server and NGINX. Over 50% of the websites in the world run on these two web servers. For almost two decades, Apache Web server served around 60 percent of the world’s websites until its competitor NGINX (pronounced as “engine-x”) came into existence. Due to the explosive growth in data traffic volumes and the number of users of the world-wide-web, NGINX was introduced to overcome the performance limitations of Apache web servers. NGINX, designed for higher concurrency, can be deployed as a standalone web server, and as a frontend proxy for Apache and other web servers.

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JQuery Interview Questions

If you have received an interview call for the role of a jQuery coder, we have some of the questions you could expect during the interview. By the way, I am assuming you are familiar with JavaScript since this is an important prerequisite. If not, no worries! You could go through our best JavaScript tutorials that will help you sail through.

You could also enhance your knowledge by going through our blogs which elucidate on technology that is in vogue today.

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