Hackr.io Learning to Code Trends 2017


This year, over 3 million people found their perfect programming course on Hackr.io. Below is a quick summary of the state of affairs in learning to code arena in the year 2017.

Hackr.io is a programming community to find the best online programming courses and tutorials. Throughout the year 2017, we collected tons of data from programming community, and we thought it might be interesting for the rest of the world. Below is a quick summary of what happened on Hackr in the year 2017.

Developers Overview

Which country are they coming from, what's their age group, what devices are they using, etc.?


What are the top 10 countries where people are using Hackr to learn programming?

Age Group

Students (18-24 age group) learning to code as beginners are in close competition with 25-34 age group folks who are a combination of newbie as well as experienced programmers learning a new language.


The gender gap is apparent from the data. We need to encourage (and provide avenues to) more females to enter the programming domain. Let's do it!

Preferred Device For Learning Courses

Mobile is eating the world, but the desktop is still the king in learning to code arena. Let's see what happens in 2018!

Days with Highest Traffic

Wondering what days do the students want to learn most? First 3 days of the week are preferable.

  1. 1. Monday
  2. 2. Tuesday
  3. 3. Wednesday

Preferred Social Sign-in Option for Newbie Developers

Google social sign-in is the most popular, but can GitHub sign in (we will be adding that soon) beat that in 2018?

Programming Buddy Enrollments

We launched Programming Buddy feature in April to connect developers learning a language/framework/library with other developers to make learning more engaging and fun.

Here is a summary of programming buddy enrollments wrt programming languages.

Most Saved Tutorials of 2017

Folks can bookmark their favorite tutorial on Hackr.io to access them quickly while learning. Here are the top 10 saved tutorials:

Favorite Social Media Networks for Developers

Developers share the best tutorials and courses with their friends. Here is the split of social networks wrt social sharing:

PS: Did you notice that developers use Google to sign in but Facebook to share with friends?

Popular Search Queries

Here are the top Google search queries of 2017 wrt finding a new programming course/tutorial.

Search Query Variant:

1: Category tutorial e.g. 'Python tutorials'

2: Learn Category e.g. 'Learn Android

3: Category tutorial for beginners e.g. 'Javascript tutorial for beginners'

4: Best Category course e.g. 'Best JAVA Course'

5: Learn Category online e.g. 'Learn Python Online'

6: How to learn Category e.g. 'How to learn Javascript'

Favourite Tutorials and Programming Languages

Python? Go? Javascript? Wait.. Is that a new framework?

Most Popular Tutorial of 2017

Python was on fire on Hackr in 2017. And "Learn python the hard way" became not only the most upvoted tutorial in the python category, but also Hackr's most upvoted tutorial of the year.

Website: Learn python the hard way

Top 10 Upvoted Tutorials of 2017

Here is the list of 10 most upvoted tutorials of 2017.

Most Popular Programming Categories of 2017

We know this is what you all have been waiting for: Which is the most popular programming language, framework or library of 2017?

  1. 1. Python
  2. 2. C++
  3. 3. Android Development
  4. 4. C language
  5. 5. JAVA
  6. 6. Data structures and algorithms
  7. 7. Javascript
  8. 8. Angular
  9. 9. Node.JS
  10. 10. Machine Learning

Most Preferred Course Type

What do you prefer to learn: Video-based tutorial or a book? Do people prefer free tutorials or were they ok with a paid tutorial as well?

Insights on Popular Online Learning Platforms

Udemy? Coursera? Udacity? Where do I take a course from?

Most Popular Course Platforms

Udemy is quickly becoming the favorite learning platform amongst beginners, but 'Coursera', 'Edx', and 'Udacity' are in close competition.

Most Popular Courses On These Platforms

All the above-mentioned platforms provide a variety of courses. Here are Hackr.io community's favorite programming categories of these platforms:

Rank Udemy Coursera edX Udacity Youtube
1 Python Machine Learning Intro to programming Artificial Intelligence Android Development
2 Angular HTML5 Linux System Administration Android Development JAVA
3 Android Development JAVA HTML5 JAVA C language
4 C language Ruby on Rails R language Machine Language Angular
5 C++ C++ Artificial Intelligence Data Science Adobe photoshop

Most Popular Indie Creators/Educators

While the big course providers like Udemy, Coursera, etc maintained their upper hand in the community, there were many Indie course creators that were discovered and appreciated by the community. Here is a list of 10 favorite Indie creators for the year 2017:

  1. 1. Zed A. Shaw- Learn python the hard way
  2. 2. Stanford University- Android App Development by Stanford
  3. 3. Marjin Haverbeke- Eloquent JavaScript
  4. 4. Alex and Davis- LearnCpp
  5. 5. Kathy sierra and Bert Bates- Head First Java
  6. 6. GeeksforGeeks.com- Fundamentals of Algorithms
  7. 7. Mosh Hamedani- AngularJS Fundamentals In 60-ish Minutes
  8. 8. Bucky Roberts- Node.js Tutorial for Beginners
  9. 9. Zed A. Shaw- Learn C The Hard Way
  10. 10. H.S. Kinsley- Machine Learning with Python

What to Expect in 2018?

Will React still dominate? Or will there be something new?

Trends of 2017

Fading Tech Categories on Hackr.io

These categories saw some downfall in traffic on Hackr.io throughout the year:

  1. 1. Meteor
  2. 2. Wordpress
  3. 3. Backbone JS
  4. 4. Rust

Trending Tech Categories:

These categories have been popular throughout the year with constantly increasing traffic:

  1. 1. Python
  2. 2. Android Development
  3. 3. C language
  4. 4. C++
  5. 5. JAVA
  6. 6. Javascript

Upcoming Tech Categories

These categories saw some increase in traffic throughout the year:

  1. 1. Java Spring Framework
  2. 2. Data Science
  3. 3. Ionic
  4. 4. Swift
  5. 5. Kotlin
  6. 6. React Native
  7. 7. Machine Learning
  8. 8. Artificial Intelligence

Our Predictions For 2018

Based on continually growing traffic and interest of the student community, we are guessing that these categories will keep receiving the attention of new developers in the year 2018:

  1. 1. Swift
  2. 2. Kotlin
  3. 3. Machine Learning
  4. 4. React Native
  5. 5. Artificial Intelligence

Hey there! If you made it till this point, thank you for your patience! That is it from our side for this year. We hope you found this report helpful and informative. Do share these 2017 trends with your friend circle!